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"You were amazing to work with! We could tell you were a genuine person and someone who would take the time to make sure the litter was properly cared for. I don't think you could have done anything better! Hampton is adjusting so very well. He is adventurous and sweet and everything you could want in a puppy."
-Emilie and Boyd, parents of Benny

 "We can't say enough about your prompt reply to our inquiries whether by phone or email.  You answered all questions and offered to be available after the adoption to answer more; this gave us great peace of mind.  Charlie adjusted very well to his hours-long crate travel to his new family and arrived eager to meet everyone, including his nine-year-old brother, Max.  He had only a couple of accidents in the house. I would say his adjustment has been exceptional!  Jen, who has raised two other family golden puppies, agrees that he is the BEST puppy ever!" 

 "Atlantic Retrievers did an amazing job of getting us the perfect Golden. We had our puppy shipped and everything went just like it was supposed to. Now Libby is here and she is so much fun! She is extremely smart and very healthy. I am not one to step out on a limb and purchase a dog over the internet, but it was one of the best experiences I have had. I would 100% purchase from Atlantic Retriever  again."

 "You do so many things very well! You were very flexible and accommodating when we were planning our visit to see the puppies. You were so patient with us when we were visiting the puppies and choosing our sweet Abigail. Picking up Abigail was so easy and your care package was full of wonderful surprises.  I love the puppy photo book! Your folder is organized and helpful ." -Kelley.

  "I feel you communicated very well.  You always responded to my emails or texts in a timely manner.  The shipment of Rover also went very smoothly." -Geoff.

 "In my opinion you did everything well and even above and beyond what I expected. Everything you did was great for me and my family! I honestly can't think of anything that I think you could have done any better with your service.  Everything you did for us was great and anything I asked or needed you provided an answer in a swift manner." -Matt.

 "I spent a lot of time looking at reviews and videos and Facebook. Lincoln seems to be very healthy and happy and open to new experiences. I can tell he is well-socialized because he is very happy to be with people and learns very quickly." -Sarah.

 "Jameson is adapting so well and everything has been smooth sailing! He had this first vet appointment in Chicago and they said everything looks great! He was a hit there. All of the veterinarians and assistants LOVED him!"

 "From the very start I could tell that your main goal was to raise good Goldens and ensure they went to good and loving homes. I could tell this wasn’t just a business to you, but that you genuinely loved and cared for every single puppy you had. That helped me to know I was dealing with the right person. I didn’t want someone who merely was wanting to make money for puppies. From beginning to end the process was extremely smooth and free of stress. It truly was a blessing to work with you on finding our puppy and bringing him home. We love him so much and are so thankful he’s a part of our family." 
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